『That’s why I admire him』 国分寺高校 合格 本庄光太郎君
2012年 6月 28日

The person I admire the most is my cram school teacher.
His name is Manabu Nishimura.
He is 45 years old and he is the biggest in the cram school.

I think he has everything.
For example ,he has gentleness,courage,and a sense of humor.

He is a strict teacher who taught me math for three years.
And he works very hard.
But he is always prepare for enjyoying anything!!
I was impressed by his spirit when I was very nervous with my examination.
I could tell him my worries and his words encouraged me.
I will tell him my worries about mi life.

That’s why I admire him most.
I want to be a person like him and want to teach children something important.
(some day)

都立 国分寺高校   合格  本庄 光太郎君